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Full sized pie's, baked to perfection, with fresh ingredients and rich flavor in every single bite. With an emphasis on home baked taste and professional presentation, a pie is guaranteed to bring you, your family and friends, comfort and joy all year long. 

Miss Anita's PiesLLC delivers this promise! 


Hello! Thank you for visiting Miss Anita's Pies. I have been baking since I was 15 years old; it remains my most favorite thing to do in the kitchen! I especially enjoy baking for customers who not only appreciate a fresh baked pie, but may not have the time to cook from scratch.  I  create pies that are baked to perfection. Miss Anita's Pies,  are served with a golden brown flaky crust and fresh fruit that will fill your palate with sweet and aromatic flavor.When I bake a pie I pay special attention to organic, fresh ingredients and cage free eggs. My goal is for you to experience a sense of delight when trying one of my pies; a pie the way your grandmother used to bake - delicious! 


All purchased pies require a 48 hour notice


  • Pecan Pie $25 large, $12.50 medium
  • Pecan mini bites $1.00 each
  • Buttermilk Custard Pie $12.50 medium
  • Silk Chocolate Tart with fresh whip cream $25 large, $12.50 med.
  • Raspberry Pie $25 Large, $3 small
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie $25 Large, $8 small
  • Fresh Strawberry Pie served with whip cream on the side $25 
  • Classic Apple Pie or Dutch Apple Pie $25 Large, $5 small
  • Lemon Curd Tart $25 Large, $3 small
  • Orange Curd Tart $25 Large, $3 small
  • Vanilla Bean Fresh Fruit Tart $25 large, $4 small
  • Chocolate Lava Pie with Fruit in the middle $25 Large, $12.50 Med., $2 small
  • Blueberry Pie $25 Large, $3 small
  • Brownie Pie with marshmallow filling $25 large, $3 small
  • Chocolate Cream Pie $25 large, $12.50 med., $3 small
  • Coconut Cream Pie $25 Large, $12.50 med., $3 small
  • Banana Cream Pie with Chocolate Bottom crust and fluffy whip cream$25 large
  • Classic Banana Cream Pie $25



Savory Pies and Special Orders

      Chicken Pot Pie with white meat $30 feeds 6 people

      Chicken Pot Pie Vegetarian $25 large, $12.50 med, $8 small

      Vegan available $30 Large 

      Gluten Free Pies available in Pecan, Fruit $30

      Special Orders available





Baked Fresh with the best ingredients...guaranteed!

Most pies are $25, $12.50 or $3 affordable for any budget!

 1. E-Mail your order to: missanitaspies@gmail.com 

2. Please Include: pie choice(s), quantity and your contact information.

 3. Once your order is complete you will be notified by phone for delivery details or pick-up location! 

Questions or special orders?



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